Architectural Photos

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Extremely High

Extremly Low

Extreme Side Angle

A Bench

A Fence

An Archway

A Door

A Bush

Interesting Texture


A Unique Design

Bold Colors

Interesting Text

Far Away So You Don’t Know Who They Are

Nature Meets Manmade Building

An Interesting Wall


Public Service Announcement

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Artistic Statement

            Photography has always been a hobby of mine, but since I started taking this photography class, its transformed into something more. It’s become an outlet for me to express myself. The photos I’ve taken vary with my mood, so it’s hard to say what my theme is, but I defiantly have a style that is unique. I like to take pictures that are zoomed in on the subject with a blurry background. Most of my pictures also have unique camera angles and contrast in textures. If my subject is a person, I try to capture them in a real emotion, not a pose because the mood of the picture is stronger when the subject’s emotion is legitimate. I prefer to take pictures of inanimate objects because it’s easier to get the picture I want.

            There are a lot of things that people don’t really pay attention to or things that people don’t view as beautiful and those are most of the object that I capture. I like to expose these objects and portray them as beautiful in my picture by making them my main focus. I like to think that these pictures will open the viewer’s eyes because of what they convey. This style of photography also makes my pictures unique.

            My goals as a photographer are to express myself and take pictures that will draw people in. Further, maybe one day viewers can relate to the mood of my photos. I become inspired by people, nature, and weather and if I can inspire someone else with my photographs, then I’m happy. There is no doubt that the world of photography has been shown to me, and I plan to explore it further.

Andy Warhol’s Style

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5 Portaits That Inspire Me

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I love the baby’s face in this picture. The lighting and black and white contrast in this photo is also eye catching.

The lighting makes this photo look soft. The way she is posed make this picture intresting.

This portait is unique. The colors draw you in and then you’re captivated by this man’s expression.

I think this baby is really cute.  I like the strong contrast between the baby’s red hair and blue eyes and the dark background.

This portait of the lizard man has great aperture. His face is in focus and eveything else is blurry. The green also has good contrast against the grey background.


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This picture was taken in the TV studio of lowell high. I used photoshop to make this portrait of Leah have a comic book theme.